Internal Service Providers

Internal Service Providers

An Internal Service Provider (ISP) is a unit that provides goods and/or services to other University Organizational Units or Departments and charges for those goods or services. All ISPs must register with the ISP Standards Committee.

Internal Service Providers (ISPs) throughout the University recover their cost of operations by billing other Yale organizational units or departments for goods and services. All ISP billing transactions are ultimately entered into or electronically forwarded to the University general ledger system for processing and posting to the appropriate departmental account.

The ISP Standards Committee is the governing body that assists ISPs with compliance and with the development of best practices related to ISP operations (such as issuance of invoices and monthly statements, based upon relative transaction volumes). This Committee updated Policy 1410 and created supporting procedures for registrationaccounting and rate calculation plus forms (registration and rate calculation) with accompanying instructions.

The new policy and procedures standardize the content, format, and billing cycle timing in order to make it easier for ISP customer departments to identify, report upon, and follow-up on ISP transactions appearing on their DWH and Account Holder Reports (AHR). In addition, they establish the procedures for registering as an ISP and for developing cost based rates for ISP products and services. Grant & Contract Financial Administration (GCFA) is responsible for reviewing the ISP’s rates for compliance with federal regulations and reviewing fund balances for reasonableness.

For more information about ISPs please visit the ISP website.